renovated facilities
Project Management
The principals of AdAu Aquatic Engineering LLC promote high standards for construction competence having experience in aquatics regulation, inspection, construction, component performance, and industry standards development.

Our project oversight team will conduct on-site construction management for commercial pools and for a variety of decorative water features such as fountains, water falls, themed water parks, and other naturalistic water projects to help assure timely project management and exacting contractor performance.
Upgrading a facility to a contemporary look, adding a water play feature or fountain, restoring a facility to its nostalgic charm or ensuring compliance with the latest industry standards are special focus areas of AdAu Aquatic Engineering LLC.

For example, we have experience modifying pool surface skimming gutter drain configurations and raising the water level to comply with competitive starting platform requirements. Our knowledge of filtration and chemical treatment can also provide you with more optimal cost effective alternatives, with less operator-intensive presence.
Operations Audit
There are always ways to save money, save time and/or improve efficiency. AdAu Aquatic Engineering LLC can perform a comprehensive efficiency audit of your facility to determine ways you can improve daily operational procedures, enhance patron enjoyment, and reduce overall costs.

From chemical waste prevention to geothermal heating buy-back analysis, we can help you conserve your financial resources while protecting the earth. Be Green – Save Green!