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Feasibility Studies
Nurturing an idea into a finished product begins by developing a complete understanding of your needs and goals for the project. Frequently, the first step in project planning and design, involves determining the feasibility of the project. Feasibility studies are conducted to determine everything about the proposed project from conceptual layouts to infrastructure needs and requirements. Population and attendance demographics along with cost projections are likewise included.
AdAu Aquatic Engineering LLC prides itself on expanding the creativity and potential of a client’s ideas during the planning phase by engaging in meaningful dialogue among all parties. This level of interaction and transparency leads to a well-defined scope of the project. Since every project is different, our experienced planning team customizes each project to its unique setting and to each set of client objectives.
Next, we begin the process of designing all the intricate components that will make your project fully functional. Every aspect of the project is designed to the most exact detail with the ultimate goal of producing construction drawings with project specifications for the building contractor.